Housekeeping/Janitorial & Building Maintenance at the Joseph Kohn Training Facility

“Grant has provided full-service janitorial services tailored to meet the specific needs of this facility that serves blind and visually impaired people.”


  • On-Site Janitorial Supervisor and Staff 
  • Comprehensive Building Maintenance 
  • Serving Major State Agency 
  • Coordination between Multiple Stakeholders Strict Compliance with Health Standards
  • Facility Condition Assessment & Capital Improvement Plan

Grant Integrative Facilities Management (Grant) is providing across-the-board janitorial and housekeeping, as well as building maintenance services for the State of New Jersey at the Joseph Kohn Training Facility in New Brunswick.  

The Joseph Kohn Training Center’s mission is teaching blind and visually impaired people life skills that enable an independent life style. Students gain skills to attend college, seek employment, and become independent homemakers.

With space for 24 in-patient beds and 25 resident outpatients, the Joseph Kohn Training Center, features areas to learn life skills, including kitchens, laundry rooms, grocery shopping areas, bathrooms, and general home cleaning. There are also teaching areas for telephone usage, reading and writing Braille, computer and technology training, and orientation and mobility, including long-cane techniques. 

During this five-year contract, Grant provides an on-site Housekeeping/Maintenance Director and three full-time housekeeping/maintenance personnel. Grant is also responsible for preventative maintenance, grounds maintenance, laundry and linen management, fire alarm testing, inspections, and repairs. We also manage subcontracts for elevator repair, pest control, and water treatment.

Due to turnover, Grant developed a cleaning schedule to ensure clean environments. Grant also developed and utilizes an electronic cleaning management system for scheduling, cleaning tasks, areas of focus, and quality assurance/quality control of work.  

In addition, Grant provides painting and general carpentry as needed at the facility. Grant’s corporate technical staff supplements the on-site personnel with specialty skills as required.