Our employees live in the same areas we service and therefore are invested in ensuring the best possible health care facilities are available. It is literally life-saving work. From our Founder Jim Grant, who has more than 40 years of experience and is considered one of the foremost authorities in the market, our firm stands at the forefront of facility management and maintenance. 

Perhaps more than any industry, health care is constantly evolving. At Grant, we adjust with it to provide our clients the responsive, expert services needed. It is simply not enough to understand the complexities of health care operations, Grant’s experienced professionals know how to provide feasible solutions. This process begins with a commitment to details, comprehensive understanding of medical facility’s technological demands, and a practical application of budgetary, schedule, and procedural requirements. 

Grant’s teams meet with stakeholders at different levels to gain a true understanding of the facility’s operations, expectations, and goals. This requires fast-paced, innovative answers provided with a holistic view that factors in all different stakeholders, including patients. Our firm understands the importance of patient safety, comfort, and confidentiality, as well as the needs of a hospital’s staff from medical providers, such as doctors and nurses, to researchers and laboratory professionals to administrative and support staff.

Our Services:

Our Projects:

Facility Management, Maintenance Management, & Project Management, Virtua Health (formerly Lourdes Health System)

Facility Operations, Management, & Maintenance Services for Aria Health System, Multiple Locations in Pennsylvania

Facility Operations, Management, & Maintenance Services for Sacred Heart HealthCare System

Housekeeping, Maintenance Management, & Services, Gloucester County Improvement Authority

St. Francis Medical Center Facility Management & Maintenance Services