Successful facilities management is a challenging undertaking, and major endeavors carry significant ramifications for a variety of stakeholders from clients and tenants to employees and visitors. With every misstep causing budget, schedule, and quality issues, Grant Integrative Facilities Management (Grant) offers full-service solutions for Building Management, Operations, Maintenance, and Systems, as well as Custodial Services, Compliance Needs, and Professional Engineering and Construction Support. Our firm exists to provide high-quality building environments, through a commitment to efficiency, safety, functionality, and reliability. 

Our approach is individually tailored to the operational success of each asset and the corresponding effect on the performance of the system as a whole. Grant’s professional staff reviews current operations, processes, and procedures, and utilizes our extensive experience and industry Best Management Practices to provide solutions to meet and improve a facility’s needs. 

We earn our clients’ trust by providing subject matter experts to achieve the desired results on-time, under-budget, and with the utmost quality. Featuring a portfolio of thousands of assignments totaling tens of millions of dollars, Grant maintains more than five million square feet of facility space in the tri-state region of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. The firm’s collective experience and lessons learned, bolstered by cutting-edge industry knowledge, has allowed us to develop procedures proven to avoid risk, identify cost and time savings, and incorporate state-of-the-art technology tailored to meet each client’s goals.