Housekeeping, Maintenance Management, & Services, Gloucester County Improvement Authority

“Our firm provides the GCIA’s Shady Lane Nursing Home Complex with across-the-board housekeeping and maintenance support services.”


  • Comprehensive Housekeeping Services 
  • On-Site Support and Staff Augmentation for a Governmental Agency 
  • 24-Hour, 365-Day Support
  • Emergency Response Service as Needed

Grant provides comprehensive facility maintenance and housekeeping services for the Gloucester County Improvement Authority at the Shady Lane Nursing Home. This complex includes serving a 60-bed nursing home/assisted living facility, a Child Development Center, and an additional facility known as “Old Shady.” 

Grant handles on-site maintenance, janitorial services, and the procurement of supplies and contracted services.  The campus includes inpatient resident rooms, dining areas, offices, and a child development center – all of which require different cleaning frequencies, solutions, equipment, and procedures. Utilizing the Janitorial Service Computer Tool, detailed cleaning schedules and assignments were developed and implemented to ensure all demands are met.  

During this contract, Grant handles approximately 1,000 work orders every four months, both Corrective Work Orders submitted by maintenance or nursing home employees and Preventative Maintenance Work Orders. In addition, Grant performs over 2,000 inspections of the facility’s more than 350 assets, such as battery-operated lights, fire extinguishers, and carbon monoxide detectors.

Grant also provides value-added services, such as serving as escorts for inspectors and visitors due to the security protocols and requirements related to the daycare. Our firm has also seamlessly assimilated additional tasks into the contract, including power-washing and landscaping.

One major challenge includes sprinkler system maintenance. The facility’s sprinkler system was installed at zero pitch, requiring the need to open and release water from the facility’s 24 drip drums at least once every month. In the winter, when pipes are at risk of freezing and bursting, Grant must open and release each drip drum three times a week. 

Grant also provides emergency response services. When a fire alarm was tripped and the contracted consultant did not respond, Grant was on site within minutes of being contacted. 

Among the assistance Grant provides includes developing preventative maintenance schedules for equipment and the necessary parts required, which has resulted in less equipment break fixes. We also contribute to budgeting and planning, giving the GCIA improved purchasing efficiency and cost certainty on a year-to-year basis.