Facility Operations, Management, & Maintenance Services for Sacred Heart HealthCare System

“The year after Grant implemented a proprietary, web-based preventative maintenance and work order system, Sacred Heart saw the successful completion of more than 13,000 work orders – three times its previous average.”


  • Comprehensive Facility Operations, Management, and Maintenance Services 
  • Housekeeping Management 
  • Life Safety Compliance Services 
  • Stakeholder Coordination 
  • Understanding of Stringent Health Care Requirements

Since 2011, Grant has provided Sacred Heart HealthCare System with responsive, practical, and high-quality facility operations, management, maintenance services, housekeeping management, project and construction management services, support facility services, and life safety compliance services. 

To meet the needs of Sacred Heart, Grant has dedicated a team of experienced professionals and specialty personnel, including a full-time, on-site Director of Facility Management and Housekeeping Supervisor, who are supported by HVAC mechanics, plumbers, electricians, painters, boiler operators, and carpenters. Grant’s team ensures the mechanical, electrical, life safety, and plumbing infrastructure operates efficiently, and the facility’s strict cleaning guidelines are met.

With Sacred Heart completing just 4,000 work orders annually prior to Grant’s arrival, we conducted research and met with numerous stakeholders before developing a proprietary, web-based preventative maintenance and work order request/tracking system along with streamlined maintenance and preventative maintenance procedures. These measures led to the successful completion of more than 13,000 work orders within one year, resulting in improved facility conditions for patients, employees, and visitors.

Grant also provides project and construction management services for capital and emerging projects, including a $3.3 million renovation to the fifth floor and a major electrical infrastructure project. The comprehensive fifth floor renovation included electric, HVAC, medical gas, plumbing, bathrooms, sprinkler, nurse call system, cabinets, millwork, walls, and ceilings, floors, and furniture. The electrical infrastructure improvements included replacing three generators with one new generator, new electrical panels and switches, and extending emergency power to additional portions of the hospital.