Facility Operations, Management, & Maintenance Services for Aria Health System, Multiple Locations in Pennsylvania

“One highlight of the contract was Grant supporting ARIA Health System to receive the highest marks for critical facility and life safety systems from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Accreditation Survey.”


  • Comprehensive Facility Operations, Management, and Maintenance Services 
  • Life Safety Compliance Services 
  • Understanding of Stringent Health Care Requirements 
  • Construction Management Services for Two Major Renovation Projects

Grant Integrative Facilities Management (Grant) has provided Aria Health System with responsive and high-quality facility operations, management, maintenance services, housekeeping management, and life safety compliance services for three hospitals in Pennsylvania. In addition, Grant prepares yearly Statement of Conditions (SOC), performs and/or manages the implementation of corrective measures to ensure compliance with accreditation authorities; and handles project and construction management of a significant renovation to an intensive care unit.    

Grant has responded all of Aria’s project needs with a roster of experts, including:

  • Full-time On-Site Director of Facility Management
  • Project/Construction Manager
  • Director of Maintenance
  • Three In-House Facility Managers
  • Maintenance and Grounds Personnel      
  • Supporting Administrative Staff

One highlight of this contract was ARIA Health System receiving the highest marks for critical facility and life safety systems from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Accreditation Survey. Grant proactively initiated and lead an aggressive eight-week facility improvement program that started with systematically inspecting life safety systems, including fire stopping, door closures, egress, electrical, HVAC, and air balancing. Grant identified nearly 150 preventive and corrective measures to be implemented. Our firm self-performed or managed all the improvements. 

Another major accomplishment saw Grant seamlessly provide project and construction management services for significant renovations to the intensive care unit and co-generation plant  at the Torresdale facility. Grant oversaw design consultants and contractors and provided on-site construction management and administration.

Other achievements included Grant developing standardized policies and procedures for the maintenance departments, streamlining the access permit process for outside contractors and consultants, and tailoring specific policies for each operating unit as needed.