Program Management & Oversight Lehigh University Bethlehem, PA

“Grant has embedded a Project Manager at Lehigh in an owner’s representative role on a variety of multi-modal transportation and facility related  projects.”


  • Engineering, Project Management, & Program Oversight Services
  • On-Site Support, with 24/7 Services as Needed
  • Extensive Stakeholder Communication & Coordination
  • Policy & Procedure Requirements

Lehigh University is a private institution with an enrollment of more than 5,000 students spread across 2,300 acres, including 150 buildings comprising four million square feet of floor space.

Grant is providing Lehigh with engineering, project management, and program oversight services for a variety of multi-modal transportation and facility-related projects. Grant has embedded a Project Manager at Lehigh in an owner’s representative role on public and P3 projects and as an in-house civil engineering consultant.

Among the projects Grant has overseen or is currently managing include:

  •  SouthSide Commons – Planning, Design, & Construction of a 428-bed residence hall.
  • Campus-wide Parking Study – Features parking regulations, data collection & analysis, current facility modifications, & future commuter lot planning.
  • 2017 Transit Study – Features wayfinding & bus stop improvements, bus route & stop planning, construction planning,
  • transit system planning, including schedules, & traffic engineering.
  • PTP Parking & Transportation Plan Implementation – Features stakeholder coordination & communication, master planning, & campus-wide snow removal procedures.
  • Campus Walkability – Features recreation trails & multi-use paths.
  • Grant Writing – Features researching, developing, & submitting grant applications.
  • Packer Avenue Street Vacation – Features managing a traffic study, parking study, utility work, & boundary survey, easement, & street vacation preparation. Also features a parking meter study.
  • Commuter Parking – Features commuter lot improvements, including lighting, signage, security, & paving.
  • Future Connections Initiatives – Features air quality monitoring, bicycle master plan, & car share, golf cart, & scooter share programs.
  • Committee Involvement – Features serving on the visitors coordination committee, roadway committee, & PTP communications committee.